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Native app development is concerned with creating apps for a specific platform, such as iOS or Android while a cross-platform app tends to be compatible across multiple platforms. Nowadays, mobile app development is crucial for any online business. Mobile apps have completely changed the scenario of the business operations in almost all the industries. At the same time, if your priority is smooth performance and a full stack of native features, then native app development is the most appropriate.

Cross-Platform App Development

Flutter is the first stable release of Google’s UI toolkit for creating beautiful, native experiences for iOS and Android from a single codebase. Flutter doesn’t replace the traditional Apple and Android app models for building mobile apps; instead, it’s an app engine that you can either embed into an existing app or use for an entirely new app. This cross-platform app development tool is so popular because of its graphics quality that is absolutely incredible. It’s so easy to use this tool and you can use it for more than just a mobile app.

The Transparent And Fast Development Process

Create your Xojo account and download Xojo to get started developing your first app. Our documentation, example projects, tutorials, video library and textbook will help you hit the ground running. You can always find support in the Xojo community on our active user forum and at the annual Xojo Developer Conference. Failure remains a familiar concept throughout the entrepreneurial world. So let’s take a deeper dive into some of the main reasons startup studios fail to improve your own studio’s chances of success.

  • By also providing other multiplatform services like web design, data analytics, and social media management, we empower companies worldwide through forward-thinking innovation.
  • In this situation, using one of the many cross-platform mobile development frameworks makes perfect sense.
  • Really good overview of the technologies used for cross platform development.
  • On the other hand, those kinds of apps are essentially absent on the Android platform.
  • If your app is not performing well and you want to rework on it, you can easily make changes to your app using Qt that will automatically make all the changes applied to your app.
  • Therefore, to optimize the usability of your iOS and Android apps, our cross-platform mobile app design team does not limit its thinking to graphics.

The list of tools for cross-platform development is ok, but I would also like to add Flutter and Cordova to the most popular cross-platform development tools. I like the idea of developing a single application that will be equally compatible with all devices. If a decade ago it was a problematic task, with today’s technologies, it can be done easily.

With developers and creative people using Xojo on every continent, Xojo apps can be found everywhere – from Fortune 500 to commercial software, small businesses, schools and everything in between. It’s amazing that with one development tool, I can do so much. Being able to go from concept to something that is production-ready, secure, and scalable in no time at all it a testament to Xojo. Developed by the team at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint takes the Agile sprint concept and it applies it to the earliest stages of a software development project. The goal of this approach involves compressing the months of time spent determining the initial design of a project into one week.


A copywriter at SaM Solutions, Natallia is devoted to her motto — to write simply and clearly about complicated things. Backed up with a 5-year experience in copywriting, she creates informative but exciting articles on high technologies. We create solutions according to each client’s specific requirements, which is why our clients always get the product that works best for them. Arka Softwares owes this to every team member of our company who tirelessly ventured into uncharted planes of their imagination to bring revolutionary ideas and turned them into reality.

Leveraging the cross-platform mobile development approach, you can create such solutions quickly and cost-efficiently. Targeting multiple platforms from a single codebase provides significant benefits to organizations. We already talked about the improved velocity of the development process as well as its enhanced efficiency. The team gains significant efficiency by leveraging a singular codebase for the large portion of their programming effort. Of course, all this speed lets companies bring their compelling app to a broad audience faster than ever before.

For example, Objective-C and Swift are used for iOS apps; Java, C/C++ and Kotlin help create Android solutions; C# and Visual Basic are optimal for Windows Phone. We specialize in the cross platform development process right from specifications gathering, UX/UI design, coding to product maintenance and support to make fully-featured & rich apps. They say that Cross-platform Apps are not as good as natively built apps.

Cross-Platform App Development

You have highlighted some very useful blogs that certainly help the web development team in a company. Being new to the web development field I could learn some new things here. Discover, design, and develop advance IT solutions, and translate the value for your people. Pumex is dedicated to getting the job done right, the first time.

Customized Approach To Success In 324+ Completed Projects

Build your app’s user interface via drag and drop then use our clear and powerful language to provide your app with it’s unique functionality. The thing that I love most about Xojo is that it is so fast and so easy to go from idea to working application. Not only that, but that I can use the same fast, easy language and IDE to develop for so many different target platforms. 5Apps uses HTML5 and JavaScript for coding of apps and emphasis on the security of app data. The tool allows you to quickly create relevant content to support your employees’ learning and performance.

Our mobile app developers intelligently work towards enhancing the compatibility of apps with the hardware platform to achieve native-like performance, modern capabilities. Our dedicated team realizes a full-cycle development from the discovery phase to support, ranging from small to show how we work. No matter where the app gets run – smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer – users enjoy a similar experience. The app’s graphic elements render in the same fashion, albeit in smaller sizes on a smartphone compared to desktop PCs and most tablets. Of course, high performance is provided – with limits noted below – when following this cross-platform approach. With that in mind, let’s analyze the disadvantages of hybrid (cross-platform) mobile development.

In my list of top 7 cross-platform mobile development tools, you can find a tool that can manage all of your mobile app development needs. This isn’t always easy to choose the best development tool because of so many options available on the market. So refer to my list of top cross-platform app development tools to build your mobile app. Our team of imaginative developers has decades of experience designing custom solutions for iOS, Android, Windows Store Apps, and Windows Desktop apps. At Pumex, we take advantage of the latest technologies to provide the following custom cross-platform app development services and more! At Pumex, our goal is to provide your customers and end users with the optimum cross-platform experience and unfettered access to your company services from any device.

With Unity3D tool you can export your app or games to 17 platforms that include — iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Linux, Web, and Wii. When it comes to performance, mobile apps built in a cross-platform fashion just don’t provide the same horsepower as native development. So if your application idea relies on the heavy use of graphics, audio, and other multimedia elements, the cross-platform path might not be appropriate. In this situation, adopting a native development approach provides the power your app needs.

Xojo supports inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism and more, so experienced developers will love the power. With over 40 user interface controls built-in, your app will look and feel right on any platform. I’ve made many apps in the past with Xojo, but it opened up iOS to me in a familiar way as I struggled with xcode and still do. It is so easy to develop for the Mac, iOS, Linux, and if you have to, Windows.

Rapid Application Development For Desktop, Web, Mobile & Raspberry Pi

Cross-platform application development is about building a single application that can run on various operating systems, instead of developing different app versions for each platform. Ionic-based hybrid applications possess native functionalities, specific gestures and customizable tools that enhance user-friendliness. However, they rely on wrappers such as Cordova or PhoneGap to run as native.

Cross-Platform App Development

Our development team evaluates each new releases, analyzes the proposed changes, and installs an update, if necessary. The need to keep pace with industry trends is part of our commitment to providing high-quality custom apps. The process of building a cross-platform app will take several easy and transparent steps. They will include analysis of requirements, design, and development of cross-platform applications, software testing, publishing apps, support.

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Therefore, we have an excellent track record in our app development field. React Native allow you to create native applications and uses JavaScript as a programming language to build apps. The strong side of React Native is that you can write modules in languages such as C, Swift, and Java.

Creating separate native apps for each platform is expensive, while a hybrid application uses a single sharable code, which helps you keep within your budget. At Pumex, we take pride in providing reliable and creative cross-platform app development services for a diversity of business purposes. Contact our specialists for more information and they will help you get started with hybrid mobile app development. The tool allows apps to be written in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Native Vs Cross

In the end, expect your organization’s compelling app to reach the widest audience, resulting in a successful venture. React Native is unquestionably the best platform to use for cross-platform app development because it interprets your source code and convert it to the native elements in less time. Both Facebook and Instagram have used React Native to build their native apps that are the most used applications of the world. Use of Smartphones are changed drastically in last few years.

Something says about our hundreds of successful app deployments and a decade-long of experience. Stfalcon delivered a polished product in the Vet Cross-Platform App Development industry that is highly rated on the App Store and Google Play. Users appreciate the app’s intuitive interface and convenient functionalities.

As part of our agile development process, Pumex professionals work closely with your in-house team to develop applications that are aligned with your specific business objectives. Companies enjoy a wide range of options when it comes to cross-platform mobile development frameworks. Ultimately, the platforms your organization wants to target for its app likely influences your final decision. Also, keep in mind the current skill set of your development staff.

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