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Fathers’ work schedules in combination with mothers’ work schedules had larger effect sizes (11-35% of standard deviation) across both ages, suggesting the importance of considering both parents’ work schedules in the context of parenting time. Maria Grasso, Professor of Political Science and Political Sociology at Queen Mary University of London. Maria’s research interests revolve around understanding the link between economic, social and political inequalities and the ways in which crises impact on different groups. Her talk will build on her book ‘Generations, Political Participation and Social Change in Western Europe’. In individual lives, migration propels change over time and entails engagement with personal pasts and futures. The governance of migration is also the governance of migrants’ relations to and experiences of time.

In this session we will introduce the methods of Regression Discontinuity Design , and provide the opportunity to apply them in a practical lab using Stata. The event is hybrid and will take place 1–2pm in Room G03, Gordon Square, and online using Zoom. CPC member Heini Vaisanen will present “Social inequalities in the risk of miscarriage in the United Kingdom”, as part of the QSS Seminar Series. This three-day conference brings together scholars from a range of disciplinary perspectives to discuss the latest research in migration and mobilities.

In Europe, relying on intra-EU mobility is no longer sufficient to address current and future labour market needs. Attention to time and temporalities illuminates processes of othering and patterns of inequalities, as well as forms of resistance and adaptations to policies and institutions. The rapid changes in laws, regulations, policies and practices of migration also have repercussions on the topics, theoretical approaches, and methodologies of migration scholars. These and other perspectives on time and migration have flourished as part of the emerging ‘temporal turn’ in migration studies. The theme ‘migration and time’ brings out disciplinary, methodological and theoretical diversity of migration research with a shared focus. The FCA can be compared to a kind of shield through which the investor is able to protect himself from suspicious behaviour or disputes related to forex brokers.

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The evidence is mixed owing to the range of child ages investigated and country context. Additionally, it remains unclear whether nonstandard working hours are related to different types of parenting activities. A three-day event that offers a platform for intense dialogue among scientific experts, policy makers, business leaders and representatives of international organisations and civil society. Our goal is to create a productive working atmosphere, enabling participants to discuss potential solutions of future challenges driven by population change and based on scientific evidence, the expertise of decision-makers, and practitioner experience. xcritical supports several funding methods, including credit and debit card payments, bank wire transfers and PayPal. Helpfully for UK traders, the firm accepts deposits and withdrawals in GBP, using a London-based intermediary bank to eliminate international wire transfer fees.

His economic research agenda focuses on questions about intergenerational equity, pension policy design and long run trends in the housing market. As a quantitative finance researcher, he is interested in the design of both quantitative investment strategies and retirement investment products. Financial firms registered with the UK’s FCA are also members of the FSCS , an independent compensation fund of last resort for customers of authorised UK financial services firms, covering eligible clients claims up to £85,000. Forex brokers registered, or operating, in the UK, consider the FCA licencing to be of paramount importance.

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She is a Professor of Economics within the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton. She has an interest in Labour Economics, Development Economics and Applied Micro-econometrics. Jackie is a research fellow of the Institute for the Study of Labor in Germany, CReAM in London, and the Economic Research Forum in Cairo.

  • An emerging body of literature has interrogated the implications of fathers’ nonstandard schedules for their parenting.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting childbearing and family processes around the globe.
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  • We want to shed light on science information and communication habits by different actors involved in policymaking and are interested in institutional strategies for improving evidence-informed policymaking.

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CPC/CRA webinar – The impact of grandparenting on late-life depression in England, Europe and China (Seminars and lectures)

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  • The data acquisition team have produced the longitudinal Looked After Children dxcriticalet, which can track an individual’s sequence of placements through the care system.
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All are welcome to attend, particularly those working in research and policy, in education, with young people and their families. With many couples starting families later and a gradual shift in family size ideals, only child families are becoming or are expected to become more common, but https://xcritical.online/ many stereotypes remain around only children. Join us to learn more about whether only children are different or similar from children who grow up with siblings in terms of development, health, and family dynamics and about the underlying explanations behind any differences we found.

This 2022 review will cover the defining features of the firm, such as any minimum deposit requirements, the different trading platforms available to clients, commissions, fees and supported withdrawal methods. Professor David Bell retired last September after a career serving the Scottish and UK economic policy scene. David’s work span areas such as labour, health economics and political economy and he is an example on how our work can have a positive impact on society and national discourse. David is well known for his commitment to policy and he has served on many committees.

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Seb Stannard is a third year PhD Student in Demography and Social Statistics at the University of Southampton. For example, one of his papers focused on the association between birth order on mental wellbeing at midlife. Judith Koops will show practical examples of how cross-sectional data of the Generations and Gender Survey and the Harmonized Histories can be used to explore cross-national differences in the transition to parenthood. Attention will be paid to cross-national differences in the influence of the socio-economic status of the childhood family on transition to parenthood, with a particular focus on partner status at first birth. Fathers who regularly worked night schedules engaged in more basic care in both infancy and middle childhood, compared to fathers who regularly worked standard schedules. Evening schedules were related to lower levels of basic care among infants but higher levels of play and recreation among 7-year-olds.

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  • Maria Grasso, Professor of Political Science and Political Sociology at Queen Mary University of London.
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  • The workshops are aimed at national and local government statisticians, social and demographic researchers, and others who are interested in understanding how to analyse fertility trends and make projections for the future.

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In this lecture Professor Sir Ian Diamond tells the story of how statistics have been developed and used to help manage the pandemic in the UK; and will discuss what this means for the future of UK Official Statistics. The annual international Conference of Young Demographers is held at the Faculty of Science, Charles University traditionally in the first half of February. They welcome submissions from all fields of demography, as well as all related areas of population studies.

Free Virtual Training Workshop – Fertility Analysis by Birth Order (Workshops)

Yet predictions of dire outcomes for a global ‘Covid generation’, or the presentation of the pandemic response as something that was done to protect the old at the expense of the young, are simplistic and divisive. These include the potential for tensions and collaboration, the difficulties expressed by modern societies in educating and socialising young people, and the potential emergence of a distinct form of generational consciousness. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore many features of the problem of generations that have exercised the sociological imagination for a century. CPC researchers have been contributing to BSPS by volunteering as strand organisers, submitting papers to present, and chairing sessions.

Second, the talk will report on the process of assembling, validating and analysing a new resource for geographical analysis of migration and housing careers. The Summer Institutes are for both social scientists with an interest in computational research and data scientists with an interest in the social sciences. This webinar will explore the state of available data and related analysis for specific low and middle-income countries that have been especially affected by the pandemic.

Local Population Studies Society (Conferences)

Ukraine achieved the world’s lowest fertility rate of 1.1 in 2001 and while fertility recuperated to 1.5 by 2011, it plunged again to 1.23 in 2019. Throughout this period, economic, and political unrest has wracked the country, with civil war breaking out in 2014, resulting in around 1.5 million internally displaced persons . The situation has led to uncertainty in individuals’ lives, inevitably influencing childbearing decisions and plans. Loss of pregnancy may affect fertility intentions and lead to adverse mental and physical health. Yet, we know little about how social inequalities affect the risk of miscarriage and the few existing studies show mixed results.

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Papers are invited from researchers in both social sciences and the humanities using both quantitative and qualitative methods. CPC researchers Stephanie Thiehoff and Andrew Hinde are the conference organisers for the “Local Population Studies Society Conference 2021”. The conference will be held on 17 April 2021, organised in conjunction with the University of Southampton. At present, this conference will be in a virtual format, though we hope to offer a face-to-face option at the Centre for Nineteenth-Century Research at the University of Southampton should the disease environment allow this. This conference invites participants to reflect on local, national and international responses to global challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Commissioned by the Scottish Government, the Scottish Centre for Social Research conduct this study, tracking the lives of thousands of children in Scotland, from early years through to young adulthood. ‘ published in September 2021, Professor Bobby Duffy challenges myths and stereotypes around generational trends, seeking a greater understanding around generational challenges. Attendees of BSPS 2022 can hear more about our members’ research in the sessions below, and you can follow our live tweets on twitter, @CPCpopulation @ConnectingGens or by following the event #BSPS2022. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application by Tuesday 13 September. The Summer School is an event organized as part of the grant “A Unified Approach to Measuring the Costs of Violent Crime Risk” funded by the ESRC.

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