Stessa: Smart Accounting Software for Rental Property Landlords

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Among the areas of property management that modern digital tools have helped improve the most is accounting. Property ownership remains in property-owner-controlled property management accounting asset holding companies. A formal property management agreement is the contractual basis for the services rendered by the PM company.

  • Property accounting is the process of preparing, reviewing, and maintaining the financial records of a rental property, be it residential or commercial.
  • Furthermore, landlords and property managers can set up multiple bank accounts that can be instantly verified by major US banks.
  • That’s where property management bookkeeping services, and specifically property management accounting software comes in handy.
  • Gain visibility and make faster, more informed decisions with AppFolio’s secure and robust accounting system and real-time reporting.
  • If you’re processing multiple invoices each month, you probably need to buy accounting software.
  • It can be helpful to establish a written set of guidelines that explain the purpose for each account.

In that case, a PM can use a separate bank account controlled by the property owner to hold the funds securely. These separate bank accounts can still be linked to the central software and reconciled within that one system. As for payment options, HemLane supports credit or debit card and ACH. All transactions are also automatically recorded and organized in the system, making it easier for landlords and property managers to generate reports and review specific transactions. Furthermore, landlords and property managers can set up multiple bank accounts that can be instantly verified by major US banks.

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Rent Manager is a specialized rental property management software with a wide range of features and good accessibility. However, their pricing isn’t as transparent as other tools listed here. DoorLoop is a complete rental property management software packed with features designed to help you manage your portfolio from anywhere– with ease.


Property Matrix surpasses other software programs due to its advanced features and customization muscle. It’s capable of managing complex accounting processes, minimizing workload, and eliminating the need for third-party accounting software. Another major advantage of Rentec Direct is that there is a free package with the basic features available for up to 10 properties.

  • These property management accounting practices are crucial for any property manager looking to streamline their processes and elevate what’s possible for their properties.
  • There’s a lot involved in getting your property management accounting up and running.
  • Some programs are customizable, including a few programs that won’t publish pricing tiers because they will only quote after they interview you to learn how you want to use their software.
  • To keep your business growing, it is important to perform accounting.
  • Still, knowledge is only one piece of the equation—you also need to make sure the quality of data you’re collecting is sound.

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