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Shower Steamers Aromatherapy - 18 Pack Shower Bombs Birthday Gifts for Women, Gifts for Mom, Organic with Eucalyptus Mint Lavender Watermelon Grapefruit Essential Oils Stress Relief Mothers Day Gifts

Shower Steamers Aromatherapy - 18 Pack Shower Bombs Birthday Gifts for Women, Gifts for Mom, Organic with Eucalyptus Mint Lavender Watermelon Grapefruit Essential Oils Stress Relief Mothers Day Gifts

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Brand: JoJowell


  • 18 Packs Gifts Set - After opening the gift box set, there are 3 individual bags, which are packed according to different tastes. Customized for customers: 6 in each individual bag(size: 1.97inch in diameter), 2 mesh bags in each individual bag, 2 suction cups , suitable for more scenes, no longer "only used in the bathroom"! . It is a unique gifts for mom, birthday gifts for women, mothers day gifts for mom and wife from daughter son, teacher appreciation gifts for women.
  • The Aroma of Shower Steamers Lasts 4 Times - after years of research and improvement, we use small batches of steam distillation to concentrate natural essential oils, higher density, all-natural formula, so that the aroma of shower steamers lasts 4 times longer than similar products. Natural and pleasant aroma, the pure natural essential oils of shower steamers release the fragrance of organic plants and fruits to relax the mind and body and help you sleep and relax better.
  • Six Natural Scents - natural essential oils extracted from eucalyptus, mint, lavender, watermelon, grapefruit, citrus, and shower steamers with concentrated natural essential oils can last 2-3 times longer! It exudes a natural and charming fragrance. Each gift box contains shower steamers with different fragrances. Each shower bombs gives you a different home spa experience. Just close your eyes and you can feel the fragrance from nature. Amazing self-care gifts for women, mothers day gifts for wife, mothers day gifts for mom from daughter, mothers day gifts for mom from son, teacher appreciation gifts, graduation gifts.
  • Multi-Scene Use - Each independent package is equipped with 2 mesh bags and 2 suction cups, which can be placed in the car, bedroom, or even on the desk, used in multiple scenes, and enjoy the aromatherapy life. After get off work, enjoy the enchanting aroma of natural essential oils from shower steamers, enough to dissipate the tiredness of the day! Indulge in a private luxury home spa.
  • Organic Shower Steamers - extracts fruits or plants from organic farms, extracts essential oils, restores a more natural scent, natural fragrance, no parabens or gluten, 18 packs shower steamers immerse you in deep relaxation, slow And take a deep breath and greet the new day with energy and a happy mood! (For best results, do not submerge the shower steamer in water.)

Part Number: Adb1218-751

Details: Shower Steamers Gifts Set

More scent options: 3x mint, 3x eucalyptus, 6x lavender, 2x watermelon, 2x grapefruit, 2x citrus

Suitable for more scenarios: Shower Steamers has 3 separate bags of different colors in the gift box inside, each bag has 2 mesh bags and 2 suction cups, you can put the shower sheet before use Put it in the mesh bag and put it in the office, bedroom, bathroom, etc., so that you can feel the aromatherapy brought by natural shower steamers whether you are at work or at home! Can be used as gifts for women, christmas gifts, gifts for men, gifts for kids, gifts for mom, birthday gifts, mother day gifts ...

More accessories: After many researches and investigations, it is found that after adding mesh bags to shower steamers, the use scene and time become more, so that you can bathe in the natural fragrance every day, whether at work or at home, to convey love to all your loved ones.

More natural ingredients: Unlike other shower steamers, after several research and development by JoJowell, it is found that if steam distilled natural essential oils are used, the density of shower steamers will be higher, the use time will increase, and the fragrance will last longer. Use small batches of natural essential oils to allow shower steamers to better release their natural aromas.
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3-IN-1 shower steamers 18 pack gifts set, more exquisite packaging and accessories, bring you a better shower experience, it is suitable as mother day gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, birthday gifts. gifts for mom, gifts for women, gifts for kids, gifts for everyone you love

Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.1 x 2.9 inches

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